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The Recipe for success

Gateway’s relationship with customers extends beyond franchised distribution. Working hand in hand with customer operations and logistics teams to design and implement tailored supply chain solutions is one of the differentiating services offered.

Gateway’s flexible inventory management systems enable customers to concentrate not only on more effective bill of material analysis but to look at all the costs associated with the purchase cycle. Gateway is advising and implementing solutions for its customers in terms of the whole purchase transaction and can offer services aimed to reduce costs in:

  • Goods inspection and receiving
  • In house handling and storage
  • Bin replenishment and control
  • Demand forecasting
  • Dynamic stock management
  • Freight consolidation
  • Multi-site supply
  • Packaging efficiency

In addition, Gateway is able to construct turnkey supply logistics solutions including component pre-production kitting; Kanban management; just-in-time and direct-to-line programs supported by dedicated and dynamic buffer stock support. Gateway augments its supply chain solutions with a range of value added services including component and device services such as cropping, forming, marking, reeling, moisture sensitivity level packaging, baking and programming; cable harness design and assembly. The company also offers a components obsolescence and shortage handing program to protect customers supply continuity in times of demand and supply vagaries.

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